If your salary is
KES a month
it means you earn
KES per hour.

You would pay
KES a month
in taxes, which is
KES a day*.

That's and per day
that you spend working for the Kenyan Government.


Time is money.
So, paying your tax means that you are actually giving government your time, or labour.
This project helps you calculate exactly how much time you spend working for the government.


Find out where your money is going.

What is your monthly income (before tax**)?


** This should be your income before tax but after deductions such as pension and health insurance.

Right now
You're working for
Working for yourself
Next Up
End of the workday

Your work schedule today would look like this:

Install a daily reminder of when you start working for yourself:

Install Calendar ICS

* This calculator only provides approximations and makes simplifying assumptions. These calculations are based on VAT and personal income tax as per the 2018/19 budget. The VAT calculation assumes all disposable income (less gross savings as % of GDP) is spent on standard rated (16%) items. Secondary and tertiary rebates are not included, nor are other indirect taxes such as customs, sin taxes, fuel levy, etc.

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